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I was baptized at the age of 8. Like all Christians, I have been following Jeus imperfectly. In the summer of 2021 that will make 60 years I have been part of His family. In spite of myself, Jesus has continued to cause me to mature in Him.

God is notorious for taking imperfec people and calling them to accomplish tasks to advance His kingdom. This website and the activities associated with it, is the latest task that He has cause me to undertake.

Lest there be some silly notion that all activites associate with this site originated and were carried out by me, let me dispatch that notion from your mind.

The Bible makes it very clear the Church has many members and the Holy Spirit has given every member a talent. As of May 2021, I work with a group of men whom God has equipped to bring this project along. I know some very talented women that someday, hopefully, God will bring to this project.

Gordon A. Wilson

I am a husband, a father and a grandfather.

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